Another premium increase due to OTHER DRIVERS. And when I call, I hear the same worn out excuse. “Other drivers in your area...” I don’t care about other drivers and their accidents. If I’m not getting ticketed and in accidents, I shouldn’t be seeing my cost of insurance rising. I’ve been a customer with them almost four years and my premium has gone from $700/6months to $1200/6months, meaning my monthly payment has increased about $100 more a month. I even got a newer car hoping for better discounts but nada. If you’re a regular customer with autopay (so it’s never late) with no accidents and no tickets, don’t expect your rates to ever lower or to even stay the same. They will increase no matter what. Because of others. Even though as an insurance company, they’re supposed to be absorbing that cost. But of course not, they’re a sham. I’ll be shopping for insurance elsewhere.<br><br>Ps: I had Pro***** for several years and not once saw an increase due to this “shared responsibility.” Excuses. That’s all it is.<br><br>Pps: Their net worth is nearing $29 BILLION. Probably because of this downright scam or an auto insurance policy.


Yikes! This is certainly concerning to read, @Confused Good Driver. I am sharing this with the appropriate area for further review and support. Thanks for hanging in there. ~ Steven

Go ahead and share.  Nothing will change.  USAA is not the company it once was.

I’ve already called. And you guys did absolutely nothing. You just chalked it up to “shared responsibility” like always. Just as I stated in my post. Don’t pretend to care and like “you’re open to help me” when you’ll literally do NOTHING.

The auto portion of my business insurance has skyrocketed too. The main culprits are distracted drivers (texting while driving) and uninsured motorists and underinsured motorists to some extent.