I like to start off by saying I have been a member with USAA 19 yrs. But not much longer, there customer service and claims service has turned so bad it's disgusting. My truck caught on fire this weekend, I sat on the side of yje road for 4 hours while getting ghe run around. Finally being towed and having to pay 250.00 of the tow bill. But my story does not end there the adjuster calls me on Monday and tells me she is not sure if the loss is covered, question to her why are you an adjuster if you can not figure out coverage? So again another day no progress, no rental, no answers. My dad served 28 yrs in the military to make my family eligible for USAA, they are built on serving the military. USAA has forgot what they were built on, the sub everything out to save money and have totally sacrificed there member service. I can honestly say its embarrassing to be a member and be treated like this. I know I will get a call about this comment, please dont bother unless you have answers on my claim.


Hey @RAVEN52, I do regret to hear of the experience that you have had. I will share your concerns with a subject matter expert. Once reviewed they will contact you.