When I hit 40 years of continuous membership, I was sent some decals. They make for an interesting conversation piece on occasion. I am now at 52 year and would like 50 year decals for my vehicles. The one on my pickup has been on there for 12 years now. I tell people that ask, that decal means I am old, I am well insured, and I am just might be armed (since that was around Vietnam era and only veterans were members). Thanks, and I look forward to new decals.


@AgSteven, Thanks for reaching out! Not sure if you saw my reply to your last post, but the bumper sticker request has been submitted and will be sent to the mailing address on file in the coming weeks. Thank you! ~Danielle

I feel left out of the decal club.lol
seriously though, I love USAA.
They have treated me with so much respect and have helped me with everything I need.

Hi @KC-135 1979, we appreciate the opportunity to serve and are happy to send you some decals. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery to your mailing address on file. Thanks for your membership and please stay safe :) -Paula