Selling my car and USAA has the title - possible to transfer to a local branch?

I've got a buyer with cash coming soon to buy my car that still has a lien on it. As such, USAA still has the title. I'd like to be able to sign the title over to him on the same day if possible. Can the title be sent to a local branch and then transferred to the buyer once I pay it off with the guy's cash?



Hello and thank you for your inquiry concerning the release of your title. Unfortunately the title for your vehicle cannot be released to a local branch. The release of our lien cannot be completed until the loan is paid in full. Depending on the state your vehicle is titled in, the lien on your title may perfected electronically or an actual paper title. Please contact our Consumer Lending Department on Monday and we will be able to confirm what release options are available for your title. We are available at 210-531-USAA (8722), our mobile shortcut #8722 or 800-531-8722. Our business hours are Monday through Friday 6:30am-10:00pm CT and Saturday 8:00am - 6:00pm CT. Thank you! - Darrell