We are selling our partially restored 1966 Ford F100. It's been a 4 year process to get to this point but we've reached the end. With our daughter approaching College and the possibility of being accepted into one we can't dream of affording, it's time to call it quits. 


The truck has been partially restored and does need some work It can be made road worthy very easily but requires more than I can take care of physically or financially at this tiome. It does have some minor electrical problems (a couple circuits are miswired) and the brakes need adjustment to make it road worthy. There are too many new parts and modifications to list but it's a the short of it is.......1966 F100 long-bed with a 300ci I.L. 6cyl, a offenhauser 4bbl manifold and 360 Holley with headman header. New Exhaust and conversions to power steering and power front disc brakes. It is sold as is with all extra parts and pieces.


The truck  lists for $11,000.00 under KBB and we are asking $7500. There should be enough room to borrow the full amount and take care of what needs to be done if you are mechanically inclined. We are located in South Central Virginia, near Ft. Lee so please contact us at cmjdisanto@verizon.net for more info. Serious inquiries only please.f100 001 (2).JPG


That's a very nice truck and if I had an extra $7500 I'd take it off your hands. 

Welcome to the community Silence Dogood!

Beautiful truck!