I used the USAA to finance a loan and found the car within the True Car buying service. 0.50% APR off for using the loan and service, "Great!" I thought. 


After seeing my rate at 2.99% instead of the ~2.5% APR I called USAA. I asked about my rate I was told everything is there and the rate should be 2.489%. Again Great, I thought


I went online to see my rate & it still shows 2.99%. So, I called again today. FIrst person I spoke with said everything looks to be in order, verified how I bought my car, and forwarded me to a person at Originations Team. Originations bascially said I need to call back tomorrow afternoon but I'm afraid that nothing will be fixed.


We've only had the car 11 days, and I'm trying to correct the rate before anymore time elapses. The Rep told me there's this True Car certificate I had to print out and send it in. I can't even go online to my account and print it, I was using my phone at the dealership & didn't have printer access but I do have screenshots of the True Car through USAA.  I'm hoping the dealership/USAA will help fix this APR issue I'm having but no luck so far.




Thank you for reaching out to us through Member Community regarding your car buying experience. We realize this matter is important and would like to offer assistance in resolving any outstanding issues. Please allow us an opportunity to engage the appropriate team to review this matter further. We will follow up with you as soon as possible. - Rhonda

Yesterday, I uploaded screenshots of the Car I bought on USAA's truecar app and that was sufficient to confirm my new lower rate.
I spoke with Taylor from USAA last night and she was so wonderful to speak with and really helped me out for the holidays.
I'm waiting for the rate to change but right now I'm still a very pleased USAA member.

I'm glad to hear that your concern was addressed, and that you're pleased. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything else, or have any other questions. - Cathleen