We've had USAA insurance for house, cars, etc., for more than 20 years and mostly been treated quite fairly.  My greatest complaint is that when my Honda Civic  was T-boned by a teen who ran a red light, the claims adjuster insisted USAA had to pay $17K to have the car restored - as the price quoted was less than "book value" of the car.  I was still reeling from my injuries, grateful they were not worse, and did not think to challenge this decision.  When I got the car back, I took it promptly to my Honda dealer, who said it was worth no more than $10,000 - because it had been in a serious accident!  I tried to drive it nearly two years more, worried about the torqued frame's safety,  and ultimately got $6000 in trade for it.  Had the care been "totalled" as it should have been, I could have applied the full value toward a safe, undamaged new  car.

Our Financial Advisor is helping us look into switching to another firm.


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