Seek Others' Experiences with Ideal Retirement Touring Car

Since retiring a few years ago, my wife and I have been spending winters near Tucson, and the warmer months in or traveling out of our home of record, Chicago. We have been driving Toyota Sienna vans mainly because they 1) are large enough to carry two or three road bikes inside (w/ front wheels off), 2) offer a "fairly comfortably" ride, and 3) provide 25-27 MPG with regular gas on the highway. We just returned from a tiring 5,500-mile road trip to Pacific Northwest to visit the kids and grandkids and, frankly, by the time we got home I was wondering if there might be a better car for us - one with more front legroom (I'm a long-legged 6'1"), more accommodating seats, smoother ride, large trunk or rear cabin, up-to-date electronics, minimal maintenance issues, and lots of cup-holders, of course. We are planning/hoping to be hauling our road bikes back & forth for another eight to ten years and would much prefer to have them inside vs. on roof or rear racks, even if that meant more disassembly for packing. We have been driving +/- 20,000 miles annually and generally pay cash for a (single) new car every three or four years, but are open to lower-mileage certified used cars too. A drive-away price in the high 40s probably would be our upper price limit. I'm posting this simply to learn about other retired USAA members' driving experiences, especially those who are active snowbirds.