For new service members read this before signing with the usaa scam. I'm stuck with no car no compensation in the winter with a 3 month old baby from the result of being totalled from the rear in am accident. I pay specifically for a new car replacement plan only for them to say that plan goes to paying off the lein holder. What's the point of paying you guys then,do not believe the commercials they are disgusting


Their auto insurance has gotten awful. I was with them for 7 years and I'm switching to another company due to them raising my insurance from $118 to $241 due to an accident where the lady had a scratch on her car. You would think USAA of all people would have accident forgiveness especially for something so small and it being my first one.

Hello @KatrinaML, I'm happy to assist you with your questions and concerns regarding your auto insurance. It's very discouraging to hear that you feel this way. Please private message me the phone# associated with your profile so I may locate your information and look into your auto policy. Thank you! ~ Shane

The only scam is that you don't understand basic concepts like car ownership, titles and liens.


If you have a lienholder, you do not own the car -- your original lender does.  They pay off the lender and you get the difference.  Otherwise USAA cannot take possession of your totaled vehicle.

Fullbird, Seems like many borrowers don't seem to understand the concept. It's like with credit cards. People think the money belongs them, but it's the financial institutions that put that money forward hoping that their customers will then pay the bill when it comes in.