We have been satisfied with USAA for at over 35 years, however, we have only put in 2 claims.


Recently we needed a windshield replacement for the first time, we pay for the glass insurance. We have never posted a message before but maybe it will help others to avoid Safelite. 


The experience with Safelite was very confusing and a huge waste of time. The Safelite operator talked for a very long time, mostly complete nonsense, we could not understand what she was getting at-- complete confusion.


During our call with Safelite, we put her on hold and called our car dealer to find out who they recommend for windshield replacement, because we trust and know them. BC they were so confusing, this was what we thougth to do.  The dealer recommended someone. We told this to Safelite and she then put us on hold and called the windshield person. She got back on the phone with us, approved our claim, then abruptly hung up. We were  completely confused. We called the windshield guy back and asked him if Safelite had just called him. He said, "oh yes, and they hung up on me when i asked for the details of the car to see if i had the windshield in stock". She was incredibly rude to him, did not give him the make, model or year of our car, then hung up on him. He gave us many stories about why he refuses to work with them and no longer works with insurance companies, chiefly because of Safelite. He knew the voice of our Safelite contact, she had been rude to him before.  He has 30+ years installing windshields through our authorized Toyota dealer. Since we had never had this service before,we wanted to go with our dealers recommendation.


Finally (after many phone calls) we figured out that Safelite is a 3rd party company working with USAA. We did not understand that Safelite was trying to get us to use one of their installers, and that they were doing everything they could to keep us from using our dealer recommended choice for this service. It was such a waste of our time.


We called Safelite again and explained our dismay at this very confusing and time consuming process, and said there is NO NEED for them to be rude to us (a longtime USAA member) and our windshield guy. They told us to get the work done, BUT,  then we HAD to call them back to say we did it, THEN call USAA for my reimbursement. WHY!? We did that, Safelite said ok we have your claim & will put you through to a USAA agent. They didnt, they put us through to another Safelite agent, then SHE gave us a number for USAA, then we called USAA who requested our out of pocket bill.


   We just do not understand why USAA pays Safelite to do this and make it more confusing and time-consuming for something that seems pretty straightforward. We are extremely disappointed that we had to deal with Safelite, we pay for the glass insurance, have a car dealer we trust, and why did this middleman experience take up so much of time. 


The windshield guy did a great job, and the cost was lower than what Safelite said they would pay for, by about $65. 


After reading other posts here about Safelite, we hope this post helps others who might be as confused as we were. Maybe we are just inexperienced at filing claims but what a waste of time. 



@1239 Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your recent glass claim. This is not the level of service we expect our members to have when going through the process with safelite. I have escalated your concerns to a subject matter expert to review. They will be following up with you in the next 1 to 2 business days.

Obviously,  I am not the only one at all with these concerns regarding Safelite. I do not understand why USAA continues to have loyal members (as I read in the community online, most are) deal with this unscrupulous company. It makes no sense and makes us all want to look for another insurance company, not sure why this is beneficial to USAA. I have never looked into other insurance companies but now I am asking around.