Safelite is doing a disservice to USAA members


Had a small chip in my windshield and call what I thought was USAA. It's actually Safelite. I figured if they are preferred by USAA, they must be good. Not sure that is true. They came out and cracked the windshield even more during the repair. I was told this was a possibility, although I have never had this happen in the past with local shops I have used. The new crack was about 1" and I was told "at least it should not crack anymore". Next day the crack had extended beyond the repair. I was thinking of replacing the windshield anyways and would have to pay for it myself because of my deductible. Not complaining about that. After some research i realized that the new crack could also possibly be saved. it was less than 3" now and out of my line of sight. Called a local shop that I knew was good to see if that was possible and they said they could do nothing about that length of crack caused and addressed by Safelite, but could address the new extension of the crack. Great, I thought. I'll call and see if USAA would cover. can't really call USAA about a windshield repair. You get routed straight to Safelite and of course, Safelite considers the winshield "unrepairable" because they botch the job in the first place. Very frustrating. This is making me rethink all the $ I have paid to USAA over 30 years because of their "service", which appears to be a thing of the past in this area.





@LAZCURDUG, I am sorry you are having difficulties connecting with a claims representative to address your question about repairing your windshield.  I have located your claim and will notify one of my colleagues over in the glass claim unit to give you a call today. - Ina