After approx 25 years of good customer experience with USAA, I've found their achilles heel is Safelite Auto Glass and USAA's non-existent and uncaring oversight of Safelite's customer service.  



I had a six inch plus windshield crack on my leased 2016 Mercedes C300 w/ heads up display.  I explained in detail to the Safelite rep that my lease requires Mercedes logo branded OEM glass.  The Safelite rep told me there was an appropriate box to check on their online form for "OEM Glass" and she checked it.  I told her if they couldn't use OEM glass then I wouldn't place the order with them.  She assured me it would be OEM glass and it would be ~$277 more, I called USAA and confirmed they would pay the additional amount.


My windshield was replaced while in the body shop by Safelite.  Safelite used aftermarket glass rather than OEM, I believe it's called "Funda Glass".  I've now called Safelite approx 6x, spent more than 4 hours on the phone with them, and have no resolution.  I've have requested them to search for the recorded audio of my phone call with their rep to verify my request and their committment to use OEM glass.  This was one week ago, and in spite of two follow up calls, they have not responded.


Since navigating Safelite's customer service yielded only more frustration, I purposed to follow up with USAA directly.  After all, we pay our premiums to USAA and should be served by those who take our payments rather than those that they recommend.  


After more than an hour of research with USAA now leading this customer service effort, they contacted Safelite.  Safelite again said they would try to pull the audio from the original customer service call, but they could not provide a timeframe, nor a potential resolution if they could not find the audio.


USAA could have easily provided remedy to this situation, and authorize proper repair.  Rather, USAA made the choice to continue Safelite's quest for the elusive audio recording of my customer service call.  Candidly, I'm insulted that after ~25 years of my loyalty that they didn't remedy this situation immediately and that it still stands unresolved.


Over the weekend, Safelite's aftermarket windshield began to leak, has wind noise and because of the shoddy repair caught the right windshield wiper and caused it to fail.  Here, in Washington DC, we had a rainy weekend and have 3 days of rain in our forecast.  My family and I were driving on the highway when the wipers failed.  


The car is dangerous and undriveable - it has been towed to the Mercedes dealership for proper repairs without USAA authorization.  I may have to pay out of pocket but safety first.  


USAA must take responsibility for those whom they recommend and refer.  This is the first time I'll have to consider replacing USAA.  "Member for life" no more.  


USAA management should try to call in (800.531.8722) and attempt to speak with a USAA person regarding their windshield claim - you will be in an endless loop with clueless, unempowered and ultimately unhelpful Safelite employees.  



@AKD, I hate to hear that you are having problems with the replacement of your windshield. I have located your claim and I am escalating this to management. Please allow them time to review your situation and reach out to you. Thank you.

Take a photo of your current windshield sticker and google the numbers. Then review the Auto Manufacturers manual and I am sure you will discover that the windshield must be replaced with an OEM windshield for liabality purposes. I have discovered many windshields are replaced with glass from China.