I guess I’m wondering why USAA continues to cram Safelite down our throats. I had a ridiculous experience with Safelite when I filed a glass claim that involved three trips to the shop, a lost piece they needed for my rear slider and an admission of “we don’t work on these often, so we’re learning on yours.” I vowed never to go back. I believe Safelite treats USAA customers this way because they know they are getting their business regardless. Well fast forward to needing to get a new windshield in my car and of course USAA tells me to go to Safelite. When I call to ask who else I can go to, I’m told Safelite is it. When I tell them I will not go to Safelite, my only option becomes to find another company, pay the bill upfront and then submit a reimbursement claim. So much for an easy claim experience and price shopping. This site is full of negative comments about Safelite and their price gouging, but yet USAA still sends all of their business to them. I’m very disappointed that USAA doesn’t support having a choice when it comes to auto glass repair.


@ Cliffy8,

We never want you to be disappointed with our service, and I apologize for the frustration you're experiencing with your glass claim.  I have engaged a subject matter expert to reach out to you to address your concerns.  Please allow 2-3 business days for contact.  Thanks~Mike

I got quoted about half of what my deductible is for a windshield replacement from other than Safelite.  Safelight wanted $500 deductible for a windshield I could pay cash for from another company for $260, when I questioned it they transferred my call to USAA I got disconnected and they never followed up or got back in touch with me in any way.  I ended up canceling my claim.  It isn't the first time Ive had problems with USAA insurance but will probably be my last.  I am currently shopping for new insurance. 

Leave USAA and never look back.

Thank you for these posts as I am in a similar situation.


Directed to safellite through USAA and made the appointment with ease. However when making the appointment they (unsure if this was usaa or safellite as the call was quick after I filed a claim) did not tell me it would be 3 hours to install the windshield. I arrived for my appointment and was told it would be three hours, I explained that I had to leave at 2 1/2 hours to pick up my kids from school, this was non-ngeotiable. The front desk asked and two separate techs said they could do it within 2 hours. After fifteen minutes waiting a third tech came out and said they normally schedule two hours for windshield replacement and two hours for lane departure system recalibration. Again I explained I had to leave in 2 1/2 hours and he said we shouldn't do it. I can't believe I took off work early to find out I could not get my windshield replaced. All around a good thing - as I called three other shops all were able to do it in an hour and were nearly half the price (I do not know the final price safellite was going to charge - they were over my $500 deductible my final install  price at another shop was $350). So I guess in the end, the poor customer service actually saved me $150 and I don't know how much it saved USAA. My strong recommendation is to drop safellite as a preferred provider for lack of customer service and price gouging.