Safelite Auto Glass Claim

USAA needs to change from safelite or do it themselves.  The problems of Safelite pushing to them and making it very difficult to file a claim.  I went online 3 times to file a glass claim I have Same Day Windshield in Tampa used before no problems.  On the Safelite site  I put in the phone, name, address, zip code nothing.  You call them after you get the pitch you should use Safelite they oh wow found them.  Safelite is forcing if not using them to go to them to call.  The rep Ki advised me that happens all the time we can not recreate it.  If you know it is a problem then maybe you should fix it.  USAA claims will do nothing with it.  They do not care about you just push the claim somewhere else.  This is the service you get spending over 1000 per car for six months of insurance.  

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I am sorry to hear the process for filing a claim has been difficult. This is never our intention. The goal is for everything to be seamless. I appreciate your feedback as this will help us make the necessary improvements. Are you still waiting to hear back from Safelite? ~Crystal 

No after the call that I had to make they added the company that I wanted since the website that USAA pushes us to does not take it and the Safelite Solutions LLC representative happens all the time.  You have hired and gotten involved in a company that does insurance claim steering to them for profit and gain.


@diferminds, thank you for sharing those additional details with us. I am escalating your concerns now. 

USAA will do nothing this is the second time in less than 4 months, with the same issue.  Seems like the plan of action for Safelite Solutions LLC at the cost of USAA insurance customers.  Why do you just not put in the policy.  YOU CAN ONLY USE SAFELITE BECAUSE THEY ARE CHEAP AND HAVE A HORRIBLE RATING ON BBB.  I am looking at a complaint with the State of Florida Insurance Commision.