SafePilot doesn't have enough context to judge correctly

I signed up for SafePilot this week. So far I am not thrilled.

1) if I want to avoid phone handling penalties it means I have to listen to the ads on my podcast. Even when I could skip through them at a traffic stop.

2) A safer use of my phone while driving is to allow my passenger to change audio or to respond to a text for me. But the FAQ explicitly says avoid letting passengers use your phone. What?!

3) Harsh braking is too sensitive. If I brake firmly to slow down at a yellow light while otherwise driving the speed limit, I'm dinged. The alternative is that I speed up to rush through. The latter seems less safe.

4) Sometimes emergency braking happens. Such as for avoiding animals or clueless pedestrians. Today I had an infraction because I had to brake firmly when I saw a pedestrian ON THE HIGHWAY. It was not unsafe for me to slow down for this. It was an idiot pedestrian being unsafe.

As of now, I do not plan to continue using this program. The app needs more nuance.
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I know it has problems, but do the safe pilot benefits outweigh the negatives.

what are safe pilot statistics?

Hello @Franko, we appreciate your membership and reaching out to us to address your concerns.  For more information, please visit or you may reach out to our specialists at 800-531-8722.  ~Marco

My Wife and I both use the Safepilot app. At first, I too was getting dinged for various infractions. I drove a heavy duty truck for almost 20 years in the family trucking business and was a Transportation Officer in the Army for 10 years. So, I'm well aware of my driving habits (NEVER had a ticket or at fault accident in the almost 35 years I've been driving). That being said, I have come to live with the minor issues with the app. I mostly get dinged on the phone handling as my phone sometimes gets bounced around in the cupholder when I stop or make a turn.
However, that being said, I can't complain when we get 20 to 25% off our 6 month premium. Right now, we're sitting on 22% with an 82 score in the app. Probably get more but my Wife's score (again, due mainly to phone handling) has a 71.

Interesting data point.  20-25% off for using the spy.  I'm sure you're an excellent driver, but it's difficult for me to believe that USAA's risk exposure decreases by 20-25% just by monitoring driver behavior.  Looks like those of us not using the spy are subsidizing those who are, or else USAA's actuarial staff needs some education. 



Thank you both @xm211 for participating in USAA's SafePilot app.  We truly appreciate your safe driving habits which do help in keeping that score high, however, the phone handling does ding you.  But I do know you may be able to correct some stuff so you're not dinged by visiting the app's Dashboard to review and update.  Thank you both again for your membership and participation in saving funds on your auto insurance policy.  ~Marco 

How do we correct things? On my last trip I got two "phone handling" violations even though I pulled off the road and parked before using my phone. Isn't that what you want us to do? To pull over when we need to take/make a call?

Hello @JennyN, thank you for being safe and pulling over to handle your phone.  Certainly get the concerns about getting violations while being parked as you pulled over to the side of the road.  Do you know if you grabbed the phone before putting into park?  The app defines phone handling as any time your mobile device is being held, moved, tapped or wiped while you're driving. Since your driving score is calculated based on trends over hundreds of miles, so the infraction won't substantially impact your score.  If this continues, please reach out to our Website Support Center at 877-632-3002 to connect with our tech support to review your app for diagnosis.  ~Marco

Good idea to toss the Big Brother insurance spy in the trash.

@JennyN, I appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback regarding SafePilot. I have submitted your feedback to the appropriate team. ~Danielle