SafePilot as a passenger?

My wife when we RV is a passenger and never drives our rig when we are traveling.  From what I can tell, she would need to sigh out of SafePilot so she won't get dinged using her phone.  She does a fair amount of searching things.  We normally are on the road anywhere from one to four months.  Will her being signed out have any negative effect on her driving record? 

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Better yet: "just say no" to insurance company spyware.

Hi there, under the Trips Tab there is an option to change Driver identification to Passenger if the trip is not listed properly. You may not have enough data if you log out of the app for extended periods of time. Hope this helps. ~Crystal 

Sorry.  Looking and not seeing that option at all.  Don't even see a tab for trips other than view trip details. 

I'll give you more detailed directions. Don't have her disable or uninstall the app. Try this: Launches SafePilot app from phone. Identify and click on trip that is being disputed in the 'Trip History' section (scroll down just a little bit to get there). She should click on the “Steering Wheel Icon” when she locates the trip that she wants to update. She can change to “I was the passenger” or “This was not a drive.” You can go to 'Trip History' and update any trips for up to 30 days. After that, the trips are frozen and no changes can be made to them. If she is still having trouble, let me know where you are getting stuck and what is happening.