Since becoming able to use SafePilot, we've been very vigilant about our driving habits (no real change, just paying attention to what we do). The Harsh Braking infraction is far, far, too sensitive. I'll get HB infractions when I'm braking, but my wife wouldn't even look up from her reading. 
I could certainly support a HB infraction if it caused the tensioner on a seatbelt to lock, but when your passengers don't even notice, you've not braked harshly.

I also don't understand how your score can go down 5 points in one day with no infractions on any trip.

A history graph of driving score would be great, too.
This product needs much better testing and support.


Thank you for your feedback @Skydaver. We truly do listen and want to know how we can improve for our members. I have shared your experience and suggestions for the SafePilot program with the appropriate team so they can consider them for any future enhancements. Please keep your suggestions coming and let us know how we can help with anything else in the meantime. Thank you for your loyal membership and trust! -Meredith

Do yourself a favor and get rid of that monitoring device.  Problem solved.