Safe Pilot Program

Just started using this new feature. Has promise, but needs work. First, the mapping app itself is terrible. the routes shown don't come close to the actual routes driven. Second, the waypoints listed, by letter (a,b, etc) are not shown on the map. Third the waypoints named  are not where the car was actually driven. Fourth, the "infractions" are pretty crude in that they do not take into account driving conditions (ie, heavy traffic, or mountainous terrain) so you get gigged for things like hard braking when a deer crosses the road in front of you. last, there is no way given to correct or comment on any of the above in the app itself. As it is currently this app can only give a crude approximation of a driver's driving habits. It will be interesting to see if the app can be upgraded to integrate with the coming multi-camera views provided by Teslas and hopefully other vehicle manufacturers, which would greatly refine what the app "thinks" is happening.

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Just say no to insurance company-provided trackers.  The discount isn't worth the Big Brother surveillance.

@OldLeatherneck thank you for the feedback and we will share your thoughts with the appropriate department for any future changes or updates as we always strive to provided the best in class member experience. - Ralph