Safe Pilot Changed My Driving Habits

I was just a witness of a bad car crash, with one car flipping over. It made me reflect on my own driving habits. This car crash was very close to me, but nothing happened to me. I just realized I am now driving much safer, since I got this app on my phone that reminds me when I am doing something dangerous that I really did not think was bad. I am driving slower (speed limit), so I do not get a "harsh breaking" gig if I need to stop quickly, due to a stupid driver pulling out, or a red light. I am anticipating the light ahead turning red, so it is not a surprise, or a frustration.

I am not a USAA employee or even affiliated with USAA, just wanted to let someone in USAA that this app really does change habits. -Susan
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Wow that sounds like a very scary accident. Hoping everyone is okay. I can imagine being quite shaken up after witnessing it. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback about the SafePilot app and the awareness its creating about driving habits. ~Crystal