Safe Pilot APP Problems

Anyone else finding the USAA Safe Pilot app to be a problem.  I have had it record phone usage, when I never touch my phone while driving.  It's usually in my pocket or in the cup holder.  Also whoever wrote the algorithm for Harsh braking has never driven in the city or on a high-speed Interstate highway with short exit ramps and zig zagging traffic.  The only way I was able to beat the app, was to leave early for work taking less travelled back roads with little traffic and wedge my phone in the passenger seat.  So this thing is a joke, makes it nearly impossible to get the discount.  My wife called and they said we had to have a phone holder and when we stop to use the phone we would have to wait 5 minutes before moving again.  What a joke! Are they for real???   Not a good plan for customer appreciation.

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The discount is not really worth it in the end. Sadly I realized the amount of time I spent changing "I am a rider" for the cell phone usage dings while RIDING was asinine. 

Just say no to insurance company spyware.  If it's their idea, it's not good for you in the long run.

yes!!! Mine and my husband's has been squirrelly. Some times it works fine, while other times it automatically shows me as a passenger....? I'm driving and it's making assumptions? Yesterday, my husband was driving while I was on the phone with our daughter. My phone showed the 1 infraction of using the phone and also 1 harsh braking. I changed my status to Passenger but, check this.. my husband's phone didn't show the 1 harsh braking. We were in the same car the entire time. 

Hello, WallyWorld8. I am sorry to hear about your experience with our SafePilot app. I have located your profile and submitted your feedback as it will help us improve for the future. -Nick