Safe Driver ap

I have my iPhone plugged into my car with the lightning connector and stored in the armrest. That said, when a call comes in I’m being charged for a hand held call. That’s not right!
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I don't trust their SafePilot App. USAA throws it at me every time my policy comes up for renewal and I say no thank you. Their are a lot of reviews out there about the product. Why should I get penalized for someone else's bad driving skills?

@Conquest Wyatt, I can certainly understand your concerns. The USAA Safe Driving Program is a discount program that uses the member's driving habits to reward safe driving. Even though you may not physically touch your phone for calls, they still require attention and brain power that can negatively affect your driving. This is why the program considers hands-free calling as phone handling. Hope this helps. -Cynthia

By that logic, your monitoring app should also penalize normal in-car conversations with passengers.  Those conversations surely also "require attention and brain power that can negatively affect your driving."


There's a reason these insurance company driving monitor "discounts" fall into the category of "the juice ain't worth the squeeze".