I’ve been saddened by USAA lately. Although I’ve had many, many years of great customer service on great products, the recent decline in price, products and service is starting to sway my loyalty. It feels like time to shop for a company that hasn’t outgrown itself.
Today was my third disagreement with USAA in a year. Without going into detail, I applied to refinance a 2014 truck online today (I only used a different agency to buy the vehicle because I got $1000 military credit if financed through said company for the first four months). The USAA interest rate came back at a higher-than-advertised price. I called to see why. Ultimately, my credit is excellent and my debt to income is fine, but USAA feels that I’ve opened and closed too many accounts lately. I assume because moving from overseas back Stateside this year, we had to close a lot of issues (vehicles, phone, Internet, etc.) and reopen them Stateside.
In the past, USAA has been the one company that I think understood how often we move around and have to use different banks (overseas account on base) for different things. I’m not so sure now.


I agree with you on the customer service. We have been loyal ciders and have all insurances with USAA but the refuse to give us a loan. I deposited a substantial check in to my checking account issued by the government , and the bank held it for 7-9 days!! I was incensed.
Have had my account for 6 years, always maintaining a positive minnimum balance of 300. They have held every government check for 7-10 days. I linked another bank account to my account and any transfer of funds into my usaa would be on hold for days

Dear caseyLobster,

I am sorry to hear that we have disappointed you. We want you to feel like the valued long time member that you are!


I would like to have a specialist review your account situation to see if anything can be done about your refinance inquiry. Please send us an email at socialmedia@usaa.com with the details you provided above and your member number. We look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for posting.

I have been saying this for a few years now! Although I still stand by them and use them for most things I find that I am starting to consider other offers when I see them. USAA has left the looking out for each other mantra and moved toward the hey lets get more and more stuff like the public corps mantra! You used to be able to bet money that NO ONE could come close to what USAA could offer us and it is not that way any more! My insurance cost keeps getting higher even though I have nothing on my record and am older! They are offering less insurance and banking products and just starting to kinda feel cold instead of the comfy feeling you used to get when you had to call. They would be smart to send out a survey (anonymous) to ALL of their customers to get a feel of how they are doing since they are supposed to be a closed specialized company.


I have passed along your suggestion for a member survey; I think it is a wonderful idea.


In the meantime, we would like to hear more details about how we can better be meeting your membership needs. If you wouldn’t mind, could you please send us a message here with those details?


We look forward to hearing from you.


Zuke, I am please with your suggestions. I have been with USAA almost 20 years and in the last couple of years, I have slowly shifted my accounts to other companies. What is unfortunate is that, USAA used to be the one company that I could comfortably consolidated brokerage service, insurance, banking, mortgage, etc. I have found that as I shopped around for alternative services, different companies have varying strengths in (or they only offerred) specific products.The result is that now, I have accounts with several companies. And, my efforts are now "spread thin" while I am trying to keep an eye on multiple companies/services.  


Extremely sad. I don't know how much USAA invests in training personnel but, I certainly am willing to assert that the training aspect needs greater emphasis - especially where it relates to customer satisfaction. As I've mentioned before, USAA needs to bring back the those qualities that made them a favorite among the military community!  


If USAA is interested my number isXXX XXX XXXX. I am more than willing to discuss those events that led to me shifting my accounts.


We are very interested in speaking with you about what we can do to improve and how we have failed to serve you. If you could please email us here at socialmedia@usaa.com with the best way to contact you and the details you provided above (I removed your phone number from your post protect your information). By emailing us, we can direct your contact to the person best equipped to document and implement feedback from you. We truly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. Thank you.

Caseylobster, just because you imagine your credit to be "excellent" doesn't make it so. If you have many recent inquiries from new accounts, your credit score will suffer. That's life -- most banks operate the same way.

Been seeing alot of this lately.  We've gone very slowly & cautiously.   Hopefully, they will take serving the military and veterns into consideriation vesus taking this community forum away.  If they do that, many will leave.  So far, just auto insurance has beneifitted us.  I didn't receive any statements except via email which I didn't get. was 2 days late, they waived the $25 00 late fee but the subseqent one they didn't.  I paid more than 3 times the minimum balance due and was only 2 days late yet they wouldn't acquese.  Other's complained about holds on their checks.  We tested with $20 and same thing....10 day hold.  The deposit for verification didn't go through on one and had to start all over verifying account which we attached to pay credit card.  It's as if the want you to be late so they can charge the late fees.  Not cool.