Roadside service fail

Monday I called for a tow, thankfully not accident-related. I thought I arranged for one Tuesday 8am via USAA/Agero text link. No show. Spent 30 minutes making several calls before reaching a human. A few times the phone call ended after going through all of the robotic call menus. Finally said "representative" enough times to reach a human. She hinted that tow wouldn't happen but I could arrange for a jump start. Had to correct the address via chat. Monitored the USAA ETA link and watched for a vehicle outside my gate. ETA finally said "On site" but there was no vehicle. Checked phone messages and texts and found out that oops - vehicle couldn't find me, phoned, then since I didn't answer, cancelled the service request. I tried calling the VM # from the alleged vehicle and it didn't answer. Inexplicably, inexcusably lousy service.

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USAA/Agero Roadside "Service" is the best advertisement for AAA that AAA has never paid for.  It's another example of USAA management outsourcing a function to save a couple of bucks, without any thought about how doing so affected the members who expect reliable service.


I dumped USAA roadside service for AAA months ago after having a similar experience.

@cat rescuer, I can certainly understand your disappointment on the roadside assistance service you experienced. I am escalating your concerns so that we may have an opportunity to review further and address them. Once reviewed you will be contacted directly. Thank you. -Cynthia