I have had USAA car insurance for many years and a number of years ago cancelled my AAA membership to switch to USAA's roadside assistance.  I will now be switching back to AAA!!!  I had a flat tire on the highway and needed a tow.  Not a big deal except that the nearest shop was a small town shop that was incapable of changing my flat tire to my full size spare.  This all happened over the Christmas holiday and it took 6 days to finally have USAA change their mind about where they had towed my car.  They paid for the tow to a shop in the city and I had my car back within 3 hours!!! 

Thinking that the USAA roadside assistance was as good as AAA was a BIG mistake.  AAA is a much better service.


Thank you so much for your feedback Cycle and I regret hearing of your disappointment with our Roadside Team. We value your membership and don't want to loose you, but I understand the reason for your decision. Although you are planning to switch, I would still like to escalate this matter for additional review to ensure this does not happen again in the future. Someone will be in direct contact with you to discuss.

How many times have I seen USAA use the word "Escalate" after someone is already angry? Can you escalate your response before people want to switch? My wife is finally "actually" on hold waiting for a real person in the other room. My other 10 calls have just dumped me after telling me to wait, or hung up on me before even reaching the hold music.  Spend a bit extra in bad weather to be able to have enough humans answering the phones.

Completely agree, Agero is awful.  Needed a jump this week for my wife when she went out to her car after work and the battery was dead.  Temperatures are sub-zero, she needs to pick up the kids, and the best Agero can do is 90 minutes.  The office is closed so my wife would have to wait in a car with no heat while my kids are stuck at day care until past 7 o'clock.  Ended up having to just take care of the problems with family and friends because agero is completely undependable.  Worst part is there was no way to contact Agero back to talk to anyone.  Calls go through an automated menu that eventually just hangs up on you.  Texts received can't be replied to.  The service was absolutely worthless.  Glad I'm paying USAA money every month to ensure we have such awful coverage that we are better off depending on family, friends, or good samaritans.  Very disappointed in USAA.  I consider it a premium insurance company and I pay a premium for their service and now it's as garbage as the discount bare bones insurance coverages out there.


I see many comments about poor service related to roadside assistance and the response from USAA is the same everytime.  Thanks for the feedback, we're sorry.  Just be upfront with us.  If you no longer care about your customers and have no intention of improving the service just let us know so we can find better service (like AAA) elsewhere.


I love USAA.  They have always been there for us....until yesterday.  My daughter needed to have her car jumped (we thought it had a dead battery) so she tried calling USAA roadside assistance to no aval.  When she called she got an automated person asking if this was her first time using roadside assistance and if so to press 1.  So she did.  Went to silence.  Nothing.  She hung up. Tried again to no aval.  I continued to try and call while my daughter got on the USAA app.  She filled out the information and sent it.  Again nothing.  No response saying they received the information.  Nothing.  Called a different number and got a human and told her our issues.  She patched us through.......you got it... to the roadside assistance number.  Again nothing.  This was the most awful experience I have ever had with USAA.  We ended up calling a tow truck who showed up in 45 min.  Now mind you, the temp outside was a whopping 15 degrees.  How long do you think my daughter could have sat there waiting for USAA to even respond to her.  And to let you know they NEVER did.  I will certainly be subscribing to AAA.  At least i know we will get a human to talk to and prompt service.  VERY disappointed. 

USAA Roadside Assistance is in no way comparable to what AAA offers. You will be very disappointed if you cancel AAA and rely solely on USAA.

My wife suffered a tire blowout while driving home that caused significant damage and disabled the vehicle. She promptly called USAA Roadside whom provided an ETA of 30 minutes at 12 noon. Fast forward to 2 pm, no tow truck on scene. Calls to customer service were answered with "drivers GPS is not working, but he is down the street and should be pulling up now." 3pm comes and still no driver and same "down the street " response given by Customer Service. I also have AAA, decide to call them, and they arrive promptly in 25 minutes. Never again will I leave my wife's safety in the hands of USAA Roadside Assistance. They did send me $25 as consolation for the driver never showing up.

Been a loyal USAA for over 30-yrs and have never had to use their Roadside Assistance Service until yesterday.  Jeep broke in my drive, so I called USAA and arranged a tow for Monday morning.  Arranged service time of between 0730-0800 as I had a 0900 repair appt.  At 0800 received automated call that the tow had arrived - it hadn't.  I called the tow company, no answer.  At 0830 I finally got the tow company and they said they had received the dispatch at 0800 and it would be two-hrs.  I was SHOCKED, I had arranged a pickup time the night before.  She said it wasn't their issue, it was USAA's.  So, I waited, then called at 0845 called USAA and was told the service had been cancelled - cancelled by whom?  By me apparently, but no USAA's terrible service, so again I had to request a tow.  USAA Roadside Assistance Service SUCKS.  There has to be better services - maybe AAA.

I have a Jeep too and have had great service from AAA. I was trying to find information about USAA RSA and the fine print about tow miles and such. I can't find anything, this forum made it clear to me what needs to happen. 

Hello @Reigningup. Did you have any questions for us today? -Emily

I truly hope USAA reps read these strings and change their ways.

Their roadside assistance is inconsistent and a rip-off at best.  I was stuck with a hard broke car in a very rural area and needed the vehicle towed to somewhere where I could further dispose of it; there was no fixing the car.  Since the rep could not find a repair shop on Google (after being told repeatedly the vehicle is not repairable--broken unibody rear cross beam) I was only "credited" with a 13 mile tow.  I needed the car towed to my home about 60 miles away.  A long way--yes--but we had a 70 mile previous tow accomplished BETWEEN major cities where there were plenty of repair shops on the way for FREE! (or covered, whichever term you want to use).  The entire USAA team has been unresponsive and keeps taking me back to the roadside assistance recording, which is also terrible.

The moral of the story: DUMP USAA roadside un-assistance and go back to AAA!