Roadside assistance is useless

I’ve had to utilize roadside assistance a couple of times in the last year for keys locked in the car. Both times, I was initially given an ETA of 30-45 minutes. Both times, I sat by my car for over two hours waiting. It would be faster and easier if I just had someone drive 30 minutes to give me a spare key. I get that things take time, but lying about the ETA just really screws up my plans.
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I'm sorry yu had to wait so long. I have utilized the service many times and have always had  a fast response. If you are in need of help, yu can always call a tow company and then get reimbursed from USAA. I will never call anyone else unless I am dying, then it will be 911!



The exact same thing happened to me.  They kept saying they would be there in 10 minutes and they never showed.  I had to call someone else.  What is wrong with USAA?  Roadside Assistance used to be great.  I called USAA to report the problem.  The customer service person acted like she didn't know what to do with the information.  I kept asking if they had a process to log and address complaints.  She was clueless.  I guess they don't care.  I think we got a new CEO.  So far he/she sucks!!!


@Smoothedge, as a fellow member this is difficult to read nor the experience we want for our members. I will be sending you a Private Message (PM) shortly so I can get the needed information as I would like to have this escalated for review. ~  Joseph

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And where do you get off about "lying.."  What about covid, traffic, a murder down the street, suppyly chain problems, global warming, locusts; get out of here...

Have not been on this venue for several years; sure looks to have become a shrinking violet forum...

"Shrinking Violet" of course is the term in clean clothes....

It is hard to believe how hard it must be for a Company to be confronted with such tripe day after day.  Minor inconveniecies are magnified because of a person with a problem on the way home from shopping or such; my car had to wait...for a lied...Cowards call out as others  "liers" when they are just dumb found ignorant idiots not knowing where to turn...Thank goodness for charity...The only way human kind will survive...

Judging from your rants, you may need to seek help. Not the kind of help USAA can provide. I understand you may have seen action in your service (if you were a service member yourself), but seriously, you are projecting your anger of your situation to a forum. 

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So sorry that you had to wait....?  Perhaps put a spare key in your pocket in case you pull a dumb...Years ago I suggested that USAA keep it simple; but the membership eligibility was expanded to accept whatever...  More than a few Viet Nam Vets waited to be "picked up" because they lost more than a key...

I concur with you regarding the unacceptable wait times. While I have a $3 magnetic hide-a-key to prevent the need for a locksmith, I have never needed to use roadside assistance. Were you provided any status reports regarding the delay either by phone and/or mobile app?

A "status report" on a tow truck...HA  Just as you must be, dang dumber all the time..

Hello. Are you currently awaiting a tow truck? What's been going on?

Not me; suspect others awaiting the "Emotional Neglect" bestseller to read while waiting for the "lie about when the tow truck arrives" ....

I can definitely understand why this would be a source of frustration for you. I will be sure to escalate this feedback to the appropriate area for review. We appreciate you reaching out to us as the input from our members helps us to improve. We thank you for your membership. - Heather

Why do you have to smoothy this ilk...?