Today my husband hit black ice, swerved across the freeway and needed an a ditch. But we didn’t fret we have roadside assistance! So after calling and setting up a request we waited. 4 cops and a ticket later still no tow truck. After 2 hours of waiting and several angry calls one finally comes to the rescue. Only to eyeball n say he’s to far off the road and it would be 125 cash to pull my husband out. A representative before said we’d only have to pay the difference no the whole thing. But supposedly that was wrong n we have to pay the full amount. Also no one was sure of how many miles was covered for towing one person said 9 miles one said 10. After a while of unable to come up with the money the tow truck left. So we placed more calls to see what was covered and how to get the car the last 15 ft to the point of coverage. Put through to claims, who was unable to tell me if it was covered due to further review was needed and it could take 2 days to hear back from them. Then transferred to recovery got hung up on. After another hour came up with the money (mind you husband is still in the side of the road) so we call usaa AGAIN and got hung up on finally (4hours in folks!) a Good Samaritan came and pulled my husband out! Called usaa to tell them never mind they didn’t even have some one set up yet! I don’t know why I ever let my aaa lapse. I’ve NEVER. had this issue them always on time on point and was never an issue with towing. Also they tell what’s coveeed up front! What’s the point of road side assistance if they don’t assist! My husband was in the cold in a ditch for 4 hours that is ridiculous! Usaa really dropped the ball this was an already tense and scary situation and they made it ten times worse. I opted for the survey call but of course I was always “disconnected” before I could.


Lexi1010 - Please know that this is not the experience we want you or anyone to have. I have located your information. I will engage a team to review the situation. I appreciate you reaching out to us today. - Jason

This chain is a  year old now.  What happened?