25+ year member here asking if there is a way to unbundle roadside assistance from auto policies to get a better discount?


Today I experienced an absolute let down (for the second time). 3+ hours on the side of the freeway waiting to be towed in metro San Diego. Each time an ETA was given the time passed and I had to call the dispatch, only to be told I was next in line. More than 3 hours!!! 


Note to USAA leadership. How would you react if it was your mother, wife or daughter stranded on the side of the freeway for this long???!


Luckily we have AAA as well, and their truck was onsite in under 30 minutes.


Last year we experienced a lockout. USAA time to arrive was 2+ hours. AAA was under 20 minutes.


So my question is...we don't want roadside assistance from USAA so can it be unbundled from our policy to lower the rate? We won't be calling for roadside assistance ever again through USAA.


Our experience with a damage claim was great several years ago. This is a problem USAA has with the low budget vendors they have contracted with.



I am very sorry to hear that you had a poor experience with our roadside assistance. I can definitely understand the frustration with such a long wait time. To answer your question yes you can remove road service from your policy to decrease the premium. That can be done several ways 1. Self-Service option though usaa.com 2. The secure chat option is available from 8 am CST to 10 pm CST, Monday-Friday (closed on Sunday). To reach this area please log in your account > then go to the specific insurance product page > Reach a Representative. 3 Or you can reach a representative at 1-800-531-8722 or #8722 (USAA). Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, so that we can improve our service in that area. ~Crystal 

USAA - You need to fix this!


On 3/15/2021 my son requested road side towing assistance at 5PM CST.  The test message provide an online ETA of 90 minutes.  Once the estimated 90 minutes had passed he refreshed the application to find that it had ADDED another 45 minutes.  At this time he received a ride back to his residence to start some school work that he need to get done.  5 minutes after returning home (which only 3 minutes away) he refreshed the page once again and the web link indicated that the tow truck was on site.  He hurried back to its location (again 3 minutes away) and saw no tow truck on site.  He then called a USAA representative and they kindly informed him that the tow truck saw no drive and left.  He then waited ANOTHER 40 minutes and finally received a phone call from the tow truck driver indicating that they were parked next to a car that looked like his but was in the back lot of the building - in the wrong location.  He ended up driving to the front and loaded my sons vehicle and took it to the designated location.  The total time involved was nearly 4 hours.  (5-9pm CST in Manhattan KS) for a simple roadside assistance call.  Admittedly, the USAA representative was very nice and understanding. However I am troubled that a call from a large college town such as Manhattan KS for roadside assitance would take between 1.5-2.25 hrs to arrive for a roadside assistance call.  Additionally there was significant confusion with the online tracking system used by USAA and the lack of communication with the tow truck operator further delayed the sitution.  His experience was not favorable and does not reflect well on the professionalism and standards of excellent I have come to expect from my USAA membership. 


USAA you can do better. 

@Jacob D- Hi, I have responded to your original post and I have submitted your situation for additional review and assistance. ~Shawna