Roadside Assistance

I have been a USAA member for almost 40 years and typing that just blew my mind. My daughter and her husband are driving my car which is insured by USAA, and I bought their car as they're moving to Europe next week, and won't need a car. And because of the move and all the details they are not stressed at all. So today they had a blow out on the busiest artery in our city just as rush hour was beginning. They were on the way to retrieve their children from daycare. They called USAA and were very anxious because I could not be reached at that time. Roadside assistance took care of everything, and told them 45 to 75 minutes. Of course they were not stressing out at all!!! Roadside assistance arrived in about 35 minutes, got the tire changed in record time and got them on their way. They are, and I am very thankful for the speed and professionalism of USAA and Roadside Assistance. 

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We're so glad to hear that we were able to assist. We wish them the best in their move abroad and we thank you for your membership! - Heather