Fellow veterans or family members good evening. I have been in a great big hassle with these people since June 10th when my truck was dropped from a tow truck using through Agero. Some advice, if your vehicle is damaged during a tow. Call law enforcement and get an accident report. Get the tow trucks insurance information. It’s going to take law enforcement there for them to give you that information I think. There is a complaint resolution process you can use but I wouldn’t waste my time with it. File the claim through the tow companies insurance. They will try to get you to file it on your insurance policy if you have that coverage. They will try to get you to file it on your own insurance even if you don’t have coverage. I have been without a vehicle since June 10th and don’t see any relief in site. If your vehicle has been damaged by roadside assistance can you post or reply here?


@ScrewedbyThem, I'm sorry to hear your vehicle was damaged during the tow. I would like escalate your concerns to a subject matter expert to review the matter and follow up with you. Please expect contact within 1-2 business days.

This has been reviewed for 2 months. Save the electricity you don’t need to send it anywhere.