Been a loyal USAA for over 30-yrs and have never had to use their Roadside Assistance Service until yesterday.  Jeep broke in my drive, so I called USAA and arranged a tow for Monday morning.  Arranged service time of between 0730-0800 as I had a 0900 repair appt.  At 0800 received automated call that the tow had arrived - it hadn't.  I called the tow company, no answer.  At 0830 I finally got the tow company and they said they had received the dispatch at 0800 and it would be two-hrs.  I was SHOCKED, I had arranged a pickup time the night before.  She said it wasn't their issue, it was USAA's.  So, I waited, then called at 0845 called USAA and was told the service had been cancelled - cancelled by whom?  By me apparently, but no USAA's terrible service, so again I had to request a tow.  USAA Roadside Assistance Service SUCKS.  There has to be better services - maybe AAA.


@JLT, I hate to hear of your experiences with our roadside assistance and I want to have your concerns reviewed. I have located your claim and I am going to escalate this to the claims service manager to review and reach out to you. Thank you.