USAA has completely dissapointed me. I call roadside assistance, and all I need is a simple tow truck to take my car to a mechanic. Apparently, that's too difficult for this company to accomplish. I have to call twice just to get the process started, and in both of the requests I made I make it explicitly clear that I am (A) on base, and (B) my car is inopperable. I explain as simply as possible that I need a tow truck driver that can get on base by themselves, without an escort. No less than 4 different representitives screw it up, and I have to get a new tow truck assigned  FOUR TIMES because USAA can't pass along the most basic of information. I waited for 3 and a half hours, and never got my car towed. This roadside assistance is an absoulte joke, switch to a different company.


@GarbageCompany Thank you for sharing your concerns. I have escalated this to a subject matter expert to review further. They will be following up with you in the next 2 to 3 business days. 

I got one phone call from a representative, but it went to voicemail and now I cant get back to them. Plus, my car still hasn't moved. Thanks for not caring USAA, I cant wait to switch to a different company.
USAA has completely dissapointed me. I called roadside assistance, and all I needed was tow truck as I was stuck in snow! I was put on hold numerous times, call released, nothing! Wow message, please use usaa app to order tow, took me over half hour. This app was frustrating due to a gps map trying to zero in on my location! I’m rural, if it was in city limits I’m sure no problem! Well, finally I received a call, REAL PERSON within 15 minutes. Tow service company contracted with USAA! She asked me general questions, I answered no to one question (Is your vehicle located within 15 feet of a hard surface road) my answer NO , as I am rural (dirt roads) Duh! Her response: oh I’m sorry I can’t help you, you need to call USAA directly due to fact you’re 15 feet away from hard surface road!! Wow, that took half hour or more of my time! Called USAA , cutting this short cause that call was a nightmare! But I was told I need a special tow NOW (bigger tow truck) ! Overall I started my call early Sunday, 15 inches of snow, STUCK help me! I waited for a call back from a tow company about an hour! My vehicle is stuck 400ft from my house, i am disabled, can’t walk in snow to my crotch, no one around to help! I resorted to call my local fire department (NOT 911, ) but local fire DEPT. Explained my situation not emergency however I do need help getting out of vehicle, couldn’t open doors! Fire DEPT shows up with as small truck . Two fireman helped me out of the vehicle holding me by arms & walked me home! Wow! Now it dark, car still stuck, no calls from tow co or USAA! What a joke! Finally, 900pm got a call from USAA! The gal asked if I still need a tow truck? I responded YES! Never got towed or pulled out by USAA ERS! NADA!! Next day friends strangers to the Rescue! Yeah! EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED WITH USAA! I live rural, people do get towed in my county & city of 60,000 people!! Sorry for the extreme detail but upset!!!
it is said that getting roadside assistance from your insurance company is not a good idea that it's better to have something like AAA and the reason why is because most insurance companies show that as a incident and then can raise your rates based upon the number of times you file a claim
Let's hope this service improves!?!
AAA has worked 100% for this Military Family for 26 years.