Roadside Assistance Agerioa employs pervert

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I want to let you know about the horrific experience with Agerio, the towing company USAA contracts with whom in turn contracts with tow companies who are supposed to provide service to USAA customers.


Needless to say I am becoming very, very knowledgeable on what USAA deems to be acceptable response times for tow trucks (90 minutes) and how long USAA feels it is acceptable to leave Disabled Veterans sitting in the middle of traffic (2.5 - 4 hours).

I imagine it's bad enough that USAA believes we are disposable as disabled Veterans, the fact you have failed to properly monitor your contracts is even worse. Had the failure to respond within the contractual time limit only happened once, this could be seen as a one off. This has happened 4 times, requiring repeated phone calls to get a tow truck to show up. Each and every time the response is “weather delay” when it’s clear out, “traffic” it’s Saturday. Today’s excuse is traffic when I called before traffic accumulates around here.  USAA literally leaves Disabled Veterans sitting in the middle of traffic and on the freeway for HOURS. To start off the conversation with “are you in a safe place” seems rather idiotic as you really don’t care.


Let’s look at 02/23/19 mechanical problems stuck in the middle of traffic. Thank God this was only me. If your daughter, sister, wife or other were to be stranded and a tow truck driver shows up, exposed, this would be unacceptable but it’s okay it happened to a Disabled Veteran. I am really unsure why USAA employs or contracts with people who are not legally in the United States. It is offensive to me personally as well as a crime.


Making matters much worse, the operator then wraps a tow strap around the Grant steering, aka new and strong, wheel and brake of the vehicle, tightening it to the point a loud metallic sound emits. He then removes the strap, gets back into his truck and called from there stating "he has the wrong truck" and will see about getting another truck out to tow the vehicle he has further damaged and now disabled.  In other words being on the receiving end of a show I did not care for, having my truck damaged to the point it is no longer drivable even if the mechanical problem is solved and then left in the middle of the road longer, should have not taken place. 


I imagine this is only acceptable for people who pay your salaries. I would love an answer on that.

Fast forward to getting my now un-drivable truck to the mechanic after USAA employees intentionally damaged it. 30 minutes trying to get through Agerio’s VAS which cannot recognize the word “yes” and a call center that cannot seem to understand you have seriously damaged the employer (me) and employee (USAA/Agerio) relationship but hey we’ll get there when we can within our 90 minute time limit. Many more phone calls and a lot of the famous USAA shuffle, no tow truck and my appointment was over 1.5 hours ago.


 Truck finally on its way two hours later. I know that is well outside the contractual limits,.

I cannot express to USAA what a disgusting and completely avoidable situation that has become. Clearly this operator had the vehicle information showed up with a wheel lift truck which is not capable to tow a ¾ ton truck, chose to show me his "goods" and damage my truck. What is even more disturbing is not ONCE having been assured this pervert who showed up showing me Mr. Happy will be terminated.


Now I am expected to do quite a bit of work and front money for a rental car etc. You seem to forget as a Disabled Veteran I am living below poverty. USAA/Agerioa caused the damage, did not honor your contractual obligations. Exactly how does this fall into my lap or does USAA believe we should go without food or power because you did not perform basic employment checks. I believe the later. USAA must be democrat run to attack and abuse the most vulnerable in society and then blame the victim for having the audacity to exist.


I have been told that I must file a claim on my policy. I have repeatedly asked how to file a claim against USAA since it was your employee, and get to do the USAA shuffle. 


I have given USAA/Agerio a choice; figure out how to address an employee who has drafty pants and pay for the damages or pay a higher price for intentional damages and employing someone who now should register as a sex offender. I guess when he sexually assualts someone USAA will just chalk it up to the victim asked for it.


Honestly asking me to trust USAA will take appropriate action to remove the driver from the road and then file a claim against my policy to address USAA employees’ actions is like PG&E admitting they murdered your family but we need to raise YOUR rates to pay for it. It is perverse, which seems to be a theme in this entire matter.



@BenT_Over_vet, I apologize for the experience you encountered with the third party towing provider. You feedback has been shared with our claims partners. They will be investigating your matter further along with following up with you. Thanks you for your membership and bringing this to our attention. - Ina