Roadside Assistance - 6 hours to get a battery jumped


USAA - please stop using Agero.  Is it acceptable to wait 6 hours for a battery jump??


8:00 am Car won't start - try to use USAA app for roadside assistance, it hangs on the location screen and won't work. So I call the 800 number.   Get a recording that says call 911 if it is an emergency or else use the web page to submit.  I go to the webpage and submit the issue and get a confirmation screen.  And I wait.


11:00 am No word.   I call 800 number.  I'm on hold for 30 minutes.  While I am on hold a text message comes in  "We are trying to reach you about your roadside request, if you still need service please call the 800 number, please do not respond to this message"  Well I was already calling that number!  And if you tried to contact me before, why did I not receive any other message?


11:30 am  Finally reach a person.  Nice lady can find no record of my website submission.  She creates a new request.


12:30 pm  I have heard nothing. Call back.  On hold 20 minutes.   Different nice lady (Charlotte) says the tow truck had to go on a police call.  I ask her to send someone else.  She sets it up and says I will get a text message.


A few minutes later Charlotte calls back to verify address because towing company can't find my location.  The address is correct. Charlotte can see it on the map.  Why can't the local people?  Hello? Google Maps?


Eventually I get a text about the service company and the driver calls me and gives me an ETA


2:00 pm - Six hours later, nice service guy shows up and charges the battery in 5 minutes.


USAA - something is wrong with your system.  It is true other parts of the country had some snow and stuff, but I was in sunny Arizona.  Why should this affect MY wait time?   I was also fortunate not to be at the side of the road, but I ended up missing an entire day of work.   


I do not feel secure with USAA Roadside Assistance, I fear the day I am on the road and need them.  I will have to look for alternatives.




Hello Palkia, I am terribly sorry to hear about your experience with our Roadside Team and that you expended so much time trying to obtain Roadside Assistance. We aim to provide the best products and services to our members within a timely manner, and feedback such as yours will help us get to the root cause of what sounds like a disconnect in our process. I’ve asked that a specialist reach out to you to discuss the matter further. Thank you for being a valued USAA member.

Completely agree, Agero is awful.  Needed a jump this week for my wife when she went out to her car after work and the battery was dead.  Temperatures are sub-zero, she needs to pick up the kids, and the best Agero can do is 90 minutes.  The office is closed so my wife would have to wait in a car with no heat while my kids are stuck at day care until past 7 o'clock.  Ended up having to just take care of the problems with family and friends because agero is completely undependable.  Worst part is there was no way to contact Agero back to talk to anyone.  Calls go through an automated menu that eventually just hangs up on you.  Texts received can't be replied to.  The service was absolutely worthless.  Glad I'm paying USAA money every month to ensure we have such awful coverage that we are better off depending on family, friends, or good samaritans.  Very disappointed in USAA.  I consider it a premium insurance company and I pay a premium for their service and now it's as garbage as the discount bare bones insurance coverages out there.