Got my auto loan denied just because I’m on a 1099 independent contractor. I create and make Apps and video games for a company and make almost 40,000 a year. I’ve been working with company for 6 months and my loan was rejected because for a 1099 they need 2 years of taxes ????? So I have to wait in this job for 2 years for a loan? Okay. Makes sense.
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@Flo4355, Hello, I'm sorry to hear of the application decision. A letter explaining the decision was sent. If you have any questions in regards to the letter, please contact us at 210-531-8722 and request our Loan Department. ~ Lori 

I’ve been a member of USAA for nearly 10 years. I was just denied for a refinance loan that I currently have with Capital One. I’ve had my current loan for almost 2 years. My credit has drastically improved since that time. I just don’t understand how they undervalue long-standing membership and ignore my request for reconsideration. They said “have you tried refinancing with Capital One instead?” What kind of joke is this?!? Capital One extended a higher principal balance to me 2 years ago when my credit was much worse than it is today. I expected much more support from USAA on this. Instead they brushed me off.

@Chris757,  We never want our members to feel undervalued in anyway! I will certainly have this looked into and further reviewed.  We appreciate you reaching out to us.