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I have never felt so angry in my entire life until a vehicle my wife and I had since January 2018 is now being considerate a "Total Loss" due to vandalism & on top of that we have NEVER seen a report on the claim or anything! I will NOT recommend usaa to anyone and I also don't feel like that do anything to help there customers and on top of that I see more "Total Loss vehicles" than vehicles they have actually help get repaired that should tell US CUSTOMERS ALOT!!! I HAVE HAD IT WITH USAA AND I ALSO WILL BE TAKING MY BUSINESS IN ANOTHER DIRECTION they have suggested we get estimates we go out our way just to get estimates to get our estimates DENIED EVERY SINGLE TIME so why would you waste our energy and time!? I pray noone else has to deal with usaa and there BS Becca it's not even worth it ...paying for full coverage just to have a car be deemed as a "total loss" than they send someone out to our home WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION TO DO AN ESTIMATE OF THE DAMAGES when we're not notified of it or knew anyone was coming out to our home! How is that professional? Where is our report of our claim? We have NOTHING!