So I'm trying to buy a pre owned vehicle from a private owner. I apply for a "pre apprpved" loan so that I can show up with the money on hand if I decide to go through with the purchase. However. USAa didn't tell me that I'll have to take a picture of the title, sign a power of attorney for the mileage, and then mail to them before they will turn around and make me a check ball to me. I will then have to go back to the seller and hopefully he will still have the vehicle at the price I negotiated. What's the point? Not only have I been a member for almost 20 years, I have the funds in my account to cover the price of the vehicle should anything be out of order. I simply didn't want to provide a personal check to the guy.
Where is the "pre approval?" Thanks for nothing usaa. I'm better off paying cash up front. Loan department needs to offer a better product.


I regret your frustration with the loan application process. It's certainly not our intent to inconvenience you. I'll engage a loan specialist to review your situation further and they will follow up with you. In the meantime, I've collected your input regarding this matter and shared it with our team. Feedback is important to us to help us gauge areas of improvement. Thank you for taking the time to post. - Ben

Does anyone actually get any help from these forums?

I don't think so. Majority of it is automated. Usaa is becoming increasingly difficult with everything. Closing down branches and etc etc. Too bad the good old days of being personable are gone.

TxSun - That was hard to read, but we appreciate the feedback. Your comments have been shared and wll help us improve future service to all members. Thank you for posting today. - Jason

What was so difficult to read?
What was the resolution for this original question? I am also in the same position and prior to ordering to purchase a car from a private owner I want to be clear on USAA Procedures.

Hello Sirius, We are here to address any questions or concerns you may have in regards to our car buying services and auto loans. If you would like a subject matter expert to reach out to you for assistance, let us know how we can help. ~ Lori