Repeated problems with used vehicles from a certified dealership


Purchased a 2008 Infiniti G37 from Mall of Georgia Mini, only to have it not start barely a few days later.
Brought it back in, they changed the battery, stated no other problem, returned the car.
Dead again another few days later.
Brought back in, no problems found.
Finally contacted Nissan, who were able to provide an immediate solution, for a problem that is well known with this series.
However, car was still acting weird, so I took it back to the dealership to see if I could possibly trade it back in.
Dealership agreed, but only offered half the purchase price for the vehicle I just bought, and required $3000 downpayment to make the deal. 
I purchased a 2010 Nissan Xterra, which was delivered to me covered in mud, after several hours of "detailing". The engine, inside the windows, door panels, etc, all muddy. However, I needed a vehicle, and the paperwork was already done. Still, not the condition you expect for a vehicle with a $15,000 price tag.
A few days later, I discovered oil spots all over my drive way.
Brought it back to the dealership, discovered that an oil ring was not installed properly.
Dealership "fixed" it, but new oil stains were found a few days later, so I took it to another dealership.
They confirmed the oil ring was not fixed, as well as a faulty battery, and several other problems.
I returned to Mall of GA Mini, who denied a bad battery, and fixed the oil ring again.
The battery is 5 years old, and has problems charging, which other automotive locations have confirmed. The Xterra continues to consume oil, as I have had to add 5 qts since the last "fix." The transmission slips on ocassion, and there are now loose/clanking noises coming from the rear of the vehicle while driving.

I have barely owned it 4,000 miles.

I completed a survey for the dealership, detailing the problems, and their response is the suggestion that I bring in the Xterra yet again. But I am obviously hesitant, given the lack of success from the other visits.

More concerning, however, is that I was able to find the previous owner, and photo evidence of previous history, which includes multiple times it was submerged into water up to, and over the engine. Over the span of several years. In further inspection, there is mud inside the airbox (which is located on the driver side), indicating a high probability of water being sucked into the intake during at least one of these occurances.

I have sent this information to the sales manager, and service director, on June 25th, and am awaiting a response.

I understand that 4x4 vehicles get taken offroad, but had I been made aware of this history, I would have looked for something different, given the potential problems this can/does cause.  I am now wondering if they will provide me any opportunity to get out of this vehicle...





If the captions do not show:
1. 2015 photo showing the vehicle, not running, no driver in vehicle.
2. Second photo from same event.
3. Different 2015 event, showing evidence of another submersion.
4. Mud on wiring, hoses, etc, corrosion on terminals...this is how the vehicle was deliverd to me at purchase.



@EchoFiveCharlie, This is very upsetting I am sure. We do want to forward this feedback. Just to be certain was this dealership found using the Car Buying Service?  Mall of Georgia Mini correct? ~ Suzy

Hi Suzy;

Correct, I found Mall of Georgia Mini through USAA's car buying service, for the Infiniti. The Xterra was also found incidentally through the service, in the same dealership chain (Rick Hendrick), and they transferred it to Mall of GA Mini, as I had already been working with them.

@EchoFiveCharlie, Thank you for your reply. I'm sharing your concerns with a case manager from TrueCar. A follow-up should be conducted within three business days.

Excellent, thank you so much for your quick attention to this situation.

I will also post updates on here, if I have any development from the dealership.

Very welcome @EchoFiveCharlie.  We appreciate the updates and will continue to share your concerns with TrueCar.  Thank you for your membership and service for over 16 years.  ~ Marco 

Update: Email from dealership at 12:36am, June 27.

They state that they had no way of knowing the history of the vehicle,d ue to privacy act. Given the amount of mud on it, it's hard to not wonder how it was used, but I understand that their answer is the legal answer.

However, they offer " Really the only option would be trading you out of that Xterra and trying to figure out exactly what you would want to do or trade into."

I have responded, inquiring what "trading you out" would entail. I fear that it will mean as they did with the Infiniti, that they offer me half my cost, and I would be stuck with negative equity again.

Current valuation on the Xterra, based on condition is around 4-5000, while I owe $14,000.

We will see what their offer is.