My concern is probably only for car enthusiasts and not the average consumer that purchases a vehicle merely to use as transportation and could care less what parts are used for repairs, so long as it is repaired. My issue is that I am requesting an oem part instead of aftermarket. As explained to me, it doesn’t matter the cost difference being fifty cents or if the third party is improper fitment, USAA will not authorize Oem replacement (per an adjuster during phone conversation). From a previous repair using non-oem replacement, wasting my time and money going back several times after I initially and emphatically requested oem-finally did after three weeks). This is absolutely absurd and I hope that this is an untrue statement. If this is true, I will seek out a policy or another company that allows oem replacement parts for enthusiasts who own high performance and exotic vehicles. Please leave feedback of your experience and/or resolutions Thanks!


Hello EuroCarEnthusiast, USAA strives to provide best in class service and products to its members. At times despite our best efforts, we're not able to provide our members with the desired resolution they’re seeking. Your feedback is appreciated and I would like to have your concerns reviewed. Someone will be contacting you directly to discuss this matter further.

They shouldn't be preventing you from getting OEM parts if it is not explicitly stated in the Policy.


I just had some damage recently, and if they don't provide OEM parts, GOODBYE USAA. Not even kidding.

My experience so far... USAA won't even send their own adjustors out for inspection. My car was hit by a drunk driver, and all I want is my BMW restored just how it was. Its really disappointing that the third party gave an estimate only using aftermarket parts. Basically what I'm being told is that my car will never be the same. I've been an auto policy holder of USAA for over 13 years, paying in excess of $50,000 and have always assumed that USAA was the best policy in the nation. I almost feel betrayed by USAA because this whole experience has really left a bad taste in my mouth. I guess I should have set my expectations much lower... They are an insurance company and are going to cut corners wherever they can.

Good luck to you. I know I'll be leaving after this is all resolved.

@SlateDMD, your concerns regarding your claim are important to us. Your post will be sent to the appropriate area for further review. Thank you. - Rhonda

Randomly came across this and learned of “OEM endorsement”, will be shopping around tomorrow and informing my division of this practice at muster.

Good morning @ToyotaHubs and appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us.  I certainly understand your concerns and want the best options available for your vehicles. To answer questions about "OEM" parts and coverage's for your policy, please reach out us via chat by selecting the "HELP" link at the top of our website on or by giving us a call @ 800-531-8722 to clarify any concerns you may have about your auto insurance policy.  Thank you for your 6 years of membership and we look forward to hearing from you soon.  ~ Marco

Would someone please quote the USAA policy that says they are entitled to use used or aftermarket parts to repair our cars.  I am interested in the language of that policy.  I'd also like to know where I can find the paragraph that it is in in my policy.  Thanks.

@NC46, an insurance specialist can review your policy and answer your specific questions.  I located you account and will notify a representative of your questions. - Ina

Good morning @NC46, I appreciate you reaching out to us to verify coverage for your vehicle in case of claim.  To better assist you in reviewing your policy coverage's, please reach out to our insurance specialists to review your current auto policy and answer any additional questions or concerns you may have @ 800-531-8722 or chatting with us via by clicking the "HELP" link.  Thank you for your 7 years of membership and trusting USAA with your insurance needs.  ~ Marco