too shell

I am currently renting a car from Enterprise that a 3rd party is paying for. They are not covering a damage waiver. I contacted USAA and was told my policy covers everything that my personal car does but not "loss of use". I was given a coupon code and was told by USAA that this would waive the cost of "loss of use" since I was renting through Enterprise. I gave the code to Enterprise and clearly told them I only wanted "loss of use" coverage and that this code should take care of that cost. They took the code and was told all was good. I had to extend the rental timeframe today and they asked me to extend the "damage waiver" for that timeframe as well. I told them I did not get a damage waiver only loss of use coverage. Basically, through a lengthy heated conversation I learned that enterprise does not have just a "loss of use coverage option" and that the code I gave them is merely giving me a discount on the full damage waiver and that I would have to pay them 15.99 per day for the discounted damage waiver ( that I was led to believe was a loss of use coverage only). Why am I being told by USAA that this coupon code covers loss of use at no cost to me when enterprise does not even offer that seperate from a full damage waiver coverage. Is USAA confused on what this code really costs us and covers or is Enterprise trying to take me for a ride?


Hi @too shell, This is a very unique situation and I'm sorry that you're having to go through this. Although I would not be able to provide a specific answer to your question, I will refer your concerns to our alliance partners who are responsible for the rental discounts. Please allow 1-2 business days for them to reach out to you regarding the discount and how it applies to a rental from Enterprise. Thank you.