How do I find out if I can get a better interest rate with USAA? I currently have my motorcyle financed with USAA and am wondering if I could get a lower rate. 


This is really easy just call USAA and find out what rate and call them back tell them you were shopping around for rates and called the local credit union Beat USA's rate by 1% USA will then match that rate it works I do it all the time

R Morgan,

Me1982 is right, give us a call at 210-531-USAA (8722) and we will walk you through refinancing!


Thank you!

Don't forget getting a lower interest rate is like anything else u buy if you want to new TV You're not gonna walk up and buy the very first one you see you're going to shop around it's the same thing when searching for a lower interest-rate do your research don't hesitate to ask for a lower rate they want your business