My car interest is HIGH. I'm trying to get a refinance loan. Does anybody know how tough it is to get one from USAA?


Hello and thank you for sharing your interest in refinancing your current auto loan due to your current annual percentage rate. The approval for your loan request is based on your current credit profile at the time the application is submitted as well as your current relationship with us. Please if there are adverse actions on your credit bureau that will impacting our approval decision as well as the annual percentage rate we may be able to offer you for your auto loan application. You can apply online at or over the phone with our Consumer Lending Department at 210-531-USAA (8722), our mobile shortcut #8722 or 800-531-8722. Our business hours are Monday through Friday 5:00am-12:00 am CT and Saturday 6:00am - 10:00pm CT, or Sunday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. CT. Thanks and please let me know if you have additional questions.