Recovery of sales tax after vehicle total loss.


It will be one month tomorrow since my total loss claim was started.  Not only do I feel I was short changed in my settlement but the level of disrespect from the total loss representatives was very provoking.  I'm also fighting for them to reimburse me for the sales tax and title fees in my state which they are legally responsible for. 


Has anyone ever had to provide more "proof" of purchasing a new vehicle other than that of a Bill of Sale?

The representatives told me that all i needed for those funds to be released was a bill of sale for the new vehicle.  Once I provided that Bill of Sale I get instructed to provide other information that is rather overwhelming.  The proof was already provided and legally nothing further is required according to 


"Insurer must (1) offer a cash settlement based upon the ACV of a “comparable
auto”, If within 30 days the insured buys or leases a new vehicle, the carrier must
pay the applicable sales tax, transfer, and title fees in an amount equivalent to the
value of the total loss vehicle, or (2) offer a replacement comparable auto including
all applicable taxes, license fees, and other fees, if the insured purchases a vehicle
with a market value less than the amount previously settled upon, the company
must pay only the amount of sales tax actually incurred and include transfer and
title fees. Ill. Admin. Code title. 50, § 919.80(C)



I've been with USAA for over 11 years now, hold numberous accounts including homeowners insurace, HELOC's, rental property insurance, checking and other products, but i think this is the end of our relationship.  


Afterall the only thing USAA is good for anymore is reimbursing atm fees. 


U.S.BANK has treated me well, very respectful and courteous to my business interests while helping me to grow my businesses.  I would recommend my family to see what they have to offer.  More importantly I would recommend U.S.BANK to any of us wishing to transition from USAA. 


It's sad to see that customer service and customer loyalty mean nothing to USAA 


@Dom5, I'm sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with your auto claim. I would like to have these issues addressed for you, so I am escalating your concerns to a subject matter expert to follow-up with you. Please expect contact within 3-4 business days. -LeKisha