Have multiple offers to ship our car across country CA to VA. One reasonable offer from a company called C&C Car Go. Have you worked with this company? Have you worked with a company that you trust that you could recommend? Thanks!


Over the years, I have shipped probably 10-20 cars cross country.  One truth I have found is that you get what you pay for in that industry.  A cheap shipper will ship your car on an open carrier and the lowest rate will most likely be with your car on the bottom rack with other cars dripping oil and transmission fluid on yours (not to mention easier to vandalize and open to weather like hail).  Although leaking fluids isn't quite as bad as it was back in the 60s and 70s, you never know what will be above your car/truck.  Depending on what car you have (value/appearance) and how you feel about its appearance (and resale value), I normally did a private shipper who would cover my car if it was on the bottom and usually an enclosed carrier.  I don't know if the shippers I used are still in business or not.  Also, be VERY careful about the pre-shipping inspection as they will often tell you "that damage was there before".  I took very detailed pictures of all the car damage (dings and scratches) the day before and used a camera that would date stamp the picture.  If there is damage, they will pay a minimal amount.  If you are shipping household goods not through the military but privately, be aware any damaged goods will be paid to you at THEIR estimated value (a 5 year old washer would be worth maybe $100 by them) unless you pay a large extra for replacement or actual value.


Thanks for posting and good luck with your move!


I hope more members like @Phantom Cobra  chime in with their recommendations.

I would also recommend checking out the companies you have offers from on your local Military Spouse Facebook groups or your Installations Facebook pages. I have found lots of spouses who are willing to share their most recent POV shipping experiences in those two groups. 


Again, I wish you luck and hope you come back and share your experience!