If I buy a truck with a rebuilt title, will USAA insure it? If so, what is the difference?



Hello @Harry843 for a rebuilt your rate would be the same as if it were a non-rebuilt vehicle. The only difference is if you have to make a claim, it will be based on the market value of a rebuilt vehicle which can be a lower amount. - Ralph 

How much less is the value of the rebuilt vehicle? Can you estimate the difference? A rebuilt vehicle sells for under market value so this shouldn't affect me much. If I buy a vehicle that is normally priced at 29,000 for 22,000 because of its salvage title and then crash it, will it be valued at 22,000 or significantly less?

Unfortunately we are not able to calculate any fair market value on a estimate as it has to go though the claims process in order for any value to be given.  - Ralph