I'm wondering If a new vehicle with a rebuilt title can be insured with full coverage through USAA?


@BeeWarner4, great question, I was able to find some information in regards to covering a vehicle with a salvage title. There is no underwriting restriction for a vehicle with a salvage or other branded titles, however, the coverage works differently: Actual Cash Value (ACV) for a vehicle with a salvage title or other branded title could be significantly lower than that of the same type of vehicle with an original title. Future claims will take into account the salvage or other branded title and its impact on the ACV of the vehicle. Full premium will be charged. If you would like to insure this type of vehicle you will need to call us, unfortunately self-service online is not an option, please call us at 1-800-531-8722(USAA) and we'll get you squared away. Thank you!