Read the fine print before you commit to a USAA auto loan


I am disappointed in USAA's auto loan advertising. Some of it may be my fault for not reading the fine print.  When I saw their advertised rate of 3.5% I thought that's pretty high, NFCU is 2.89%. But then I read further, I could get .25% off for automatic transfer and .5% for using their buying service. That didn't seem to bad, after all the discounts the rate should have been 2.84%, slightly better than NFCU.

I got my loan documents and the interest rate is 3.5909, what??????? So I do the live chat thing and find out that the interest rate is really 3.8409, the .25% discount brings it down to 3.5909 and after verifying that I purchased the car they woould apply the .5% discount. The resulting interest rate woul the be 3.0909, basically .21% higher that NFCU's 2.89% . While the difference isn't that significant, it's the principal of the thing. I don't believe USAA should advertise a rate of 3.5% when the actual rate is 3.8409.

I refinanced through NFCU and paid off USAA.

Check out NFCU or other credit unions  before you finance your next car through USAA!


Thank you for sharing your experience @RetiredNavy1. I will forward your message so your message may be reviewed. We appreciate your membership and any feedback that will allow us to better know what is important to our members. ~ Lori 

I was going to have USAA refinance my truck. I am tryingbto move as much as possible with USAA. So after going through the motions and usually getting great service from USAA, i have a 5.35% APR with another bank and even though i have IRAs, 10s of thousands in savings accounts, make awesome money, they insulted me with a 15.65% APR. So thats a negative ghost rider. LoL