Yes,I'm in GA and every 6 month it goes up not a little but a lot,it the same excuse every 6 month ga has the highest rate, in They had to put out meaning they pay out of there pocket to cover expense, but I call today 11/03/2018 time 1600 to 1650 now in between conversation I felt I was been lied too when I ask for a supervisor, they put her on the phone which is name Erin a female which didn't want to provide a last name, but I don't have no problem for usaa for my service , but to think i wasn't talking to a supervisor which is not good service for me, I got to shop around whether I be paying higher price or not, at least I will get the true than a script saying every month Ga high rate


This isn't good to hear @Avo2 and we will have a specialist look into this and reach back out to you. - Ralph