At the end of November 2016, my husband and I purchased a brand new 2017 Ford F250. On January 23, 2017 a Liberty Mutual insured driver hit black ice on the highway going about 60+ MPH and plowed into the passenger side of the truck sending us off the highway, up a hill, back down through a ginormous pot hole, and finally stopped in a ditch. There was an ice storm happening at the time of the accident. He was driving a 1990 somethin Honda Civic. 2WD of course. We were in 4WD. They took 100% liability for this accident because they were 100% AT FAULT. The truck was in the shop for about 2 1/2 months. We spent $1278.20 out of pocket for a rental. USAA paid $900. The truck NEVER drove straight again. Always pulling to the right. Couple months later we take it to another shop because the truck was obviously not fixed. This truck had a BENT AXLE!!!!!! How did anyone miss that??? So anyways back to the shop again. My husband had to take my truck to work. I was left without a vehicle for 15 days. So I had to bum rides off my mom and brother. 




Don't trust USAA with your insurance needs. They make sure they get paid and get all their money back. But their customer? Who cares right? It wasn't USAA's truck or money. My truck is no longer worth $60,000. To this very day I am still trying to recover that money for the rental. But USAA or Liberty Mutual couldn't be bothered. Liberty Mutual won't even give me a call back. I literally call them every single day 3 times a day and leave messages for whoever I can get on the phone. But no response. When I had State Farm and someone hit me several years back, they cut me a check and then went after the other drivers insurance to recover the money. What do I pay $460 a month for? 


Hi @MQ0519, I'm sorry to hear about the aut accident and I do hope those involved are ok. The adjuster you mentioned in your post is no longer the adjuster handling the claim. I will reach out to your new adjuster and their manager to let them know you are seeking help with out of pocket rental costs. The policy you had at the time of the accident covered up to $900 in rental cost and anything above that we would not be able to pay because it would exceed your contracted rental amount. As for the diminished value of the vehicle after the accident, you would need to file a diminished value claim with Liberty Mutual which, will help you recover some of the lost value in the vehicle due to the accident. Please allow 1 business day for the adjuster and manager to review your claim before giving you a call concerning how we can help moving forward. Thank you.