I am in the market for a used Nissan Frontier truck. Would like to know those who have used USAA auto circle before to purchase a car. How was your experience and how was the whole experience? Any other info you guys can add will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advanced.



I would skip it. I recently purchased a car and attempted to use the service because of the additional loan discounts being offered. I found the search/filter/sort criteria difficult to use or not working. Pricing on the site was out of date for the dealers I contacted. The dealer where I eventually purchased a car also beat USAA's best rate offer by 0.5% on a used car. So go with Autotrader and use dealer financing.

I used the USAA auto circle to purchase a new vehicle and it was a good experience. Searching the website and locating a vehicle is easy. So if you just use it to search it will be beneficial. If you are going to use it to contact a dealer and get a price, your experience will vary. Just remember, the dealship you are buying the vehicle from is under no obligation to honor any price, so be prepared to negotiate. USAA (truecar) will call and negotiate for you if they are asking for a higher price than quoted on the website. You also will get a discount on a loan if you finance through USAA. You don't have to finance with USAA, so if there is a better alternative, use that. For me, USAA was the best option on a loan. My rate was only 0.59% with the discount.