Yearly I move my Summer car into Storage Coverage.  When I pulled it out of storage, I was able to do this online, with just a few clicks.  But, now I cannot seem to find to option to place back into storage.  I remember this happening last year, so I called the 800 line, and the operator helped me to move it.  I just noticed now that I'm trying to put back in storage that the operator last year removed my collision coverage, in addition to placing it into storage.  Well, I am sure glad that I did not have any incidents with the vehicle this Summer.  I was not aware that it did not have any collision coverage.  I pulled it out of storage coverage and assumed that this would apply the collision coverage.  I'm not sure the difference between "storage status" and "collision coverage."  And, how can I place the vehicle in storage status online?


To the right of your INSURANCE POLICY there is a button that says "I WANT TO".


Click on this button.


Your vehicle insured page will come up. Scroll to the bottom and look for "place vehicle in storage" option. Click on this.

I think that is where it use to be.  But, it isn't there anymore.  And, it isn't on the coverages page anymore either.  It seems like it disappeaers whenever I have all of my cars out of storage.  I have (2) cars that I store each winter.  And, as long as one of them is in storage, I can change online.  But, when I have pulled both of them out of storage, the option seems to disappear.  It is almost like they want to make it easy to remove from storage, but difficult to place into storage.

What a surprise to look and look for the online links for removing my vehicle from STORAGE on the USAA website. I agree that at one time it was a simple "click-click' to either place my vehicle IN STORAGE or take it out of STORAGE online once I planned to use my vehicle again. It appreciate the auto insurance discount that I receive when my vehicle is stored.  


After not being able to find the USAA online vehicle storage links today, I telephoned USAA 800.222.4357 and discovered that it is now necessary to telephone USAA to request their assistance to change the vehicle storage status. Mystery solved.


Initially, I thought telephoning the USAA offices in the US  would be less convenient than independently changing my vehicle's status online. Deborah, the USAA agent I contacted, also said that it is NOT possible to request the vehicle storage status change via USAA message or email. However, I learned that the USAA Auto Insurance office is staffed 24/7. Even if I am overseas (with a 10+ time difference) I can call the USAA 800 number via Skype and let them know when I will be in the USA and wishing to take my vehicle OUT of STORAGE. 




I searched and searched for the missing option to put a vehicle in storage, then finally found it.


Click on My Accounts, then click on Auto Insurance Policy.  Under Policy Summary, you will see six large blue blocks where you can request an Insuarance Card, etc.  Click the last one that says "View More", and you get a bunch more blue boxes.  One of them will say "Store a Vehicle".  That will take you to the page where you can select a vehicle to put in storage.

Fresh Mix is correct.


As of the date below, the option to put your car into storage is indeed in the 'more options' section. If you're being told you cannot do it online, you're being told wrong. Taking it out of storage is even easier, there's a direct 'remove from storage' link under the vehicle.


Let's consider the situation. USAA promotes use of its website as opposed to calling in whenever possible (as an employee we were asked to push the website on every call). Why would USAA then turn around and try to make people call in after working so hard to promote their website? Answer - they wouldn't. USAA is a smart company, generally.


Granted, why they insist on changing the site every other year is beyond me. Someone needs to learn the old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."


Anyway, storage option IS available online, right where FreshMix explained. Kudos to him!

USAA response was that it is not online for me, since we now have an umbrella policy with them. The umbrella policy requires additional liability diligence, so that means I need to speak to an operator when I put cars in storage so they can verify that I have disabled vehicle.

Just experienced this same issue- last night the vehicle storage option was available, today it wasn't.  Apparently USAA is making website changes and they have a defect.  Unsure of the best way to notify, chat support gave me some contact info for website support.  Since chat support accomplished my task it seems tedious that I would open the website ticket (odd that they didn't suggest they would do it, weird)

You're lucky you didn't get in a wreck. I had the same thing happen to me but I found out the colision coverage was removed AFTER I was in a wreck that was deemed my fault. Now I'm stuck with this awful company for 3 years until I can afford to switch.



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